COP28, Cleantech, and King Charles

December 12, 2023
COP28, Cleantech, and King Charles

Jonatan recently attended Heriot-Watt University, DubaiCampus' CleanTech Exhibition which was held in Dubai during COP28. During the event Frontier Robotics had an interactive exhibition to show how visitors could become offshore autonomy operators with 2 minutes of training,using our autonomy engine. Our autonomy enables ROV-Pilots to become robot supervisors, that can with minimum interaction inspect offshore structures. The exhibition was very successful, with visitors ranging from primary school classes (who understood the issue and solution surprisingly fast, and straight away learned how to operate the system, a good sign for the future!), UN Council of Engineers for the Energy Transition, Scotland’s first minister Humza Yousaf, to King Charles III, an event to remember!

Thank you to all the organisers for their non-stop work before and during the event, and to the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office for the support.

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