Smart, Agile and Autonomous Software to Revolutionise Underwater Exploration

We deliver unparalleled precision and reliability in subsea inspections and data analysis.

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Redefining underwater inspection with advancedautonomy

Frontier Robotics is at the forefront of underwater technology, providing a revolutionary, platform-agnostic system that enhances ROV capabilities. By integrating advanced stereo camera systems with edge computing, we offer unparalleled visual clarity and 3D mapping through SLAM technology. Our autonomy system ensures safe, efficient operations, setting a new standard for asset inspection and marine exploration.

Platform-Agnostic Integration
Advanced Perception and Adaptation
Modular and Pioneering

Why us?

Our vision is to become the default autonomy back-end for underwater inspections, and here's how.

Platform Agnostic

Our platform-agnostic approach ensures easy integration with diverse underwater robots, streamlining data exchange and compatibility

Intelligent Sensing and Autonomy

Our system optimises sensor usage for superior mapping and adapts autonomously to improve operational effectiveness and data accuracy.

Modular Flexibility

Our modular design allows for effortless swapping or standalone use of both software and hardware components, adaptable to various data inputs.

Proven Industry Pioneer

Frontier Robotics proudly conducted the first-ever fully autonomous underwater visual inspection of an offshore wind turbine foundation, setting industry benchmarks.

The System


Hardware Foundation

Advanced Imaging at the Core: Our system is anchored by a sophisticated stereo camera system, integrated with on-edge computing, providing the robust foundation for our entire software suite.


Image Enhancement Capabilities

Crystal-Clear Visibility: Our image enhancement technology significantly extends visual range, transforming raw image data into vivid, detailed visuals, as showcased in our Dehazing demos and the AUIP overview video.


SLAM Technology

Precision Mapping: Our SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) system skillfully fuses camera images with ROV sensor data, creating accurate and comprehensive environmental maps.


Intelligent Auto-Pilot

Navigating with Finesse: The auto-pilot feature ensures collision-free navigation while continuously adapting to the environment, as mapped by the SLAM, for optimal perception and path planning.


Shared Autonomy Mode

Collaborative Control: In shared autonomy, the robot proposes actions for operator approval, combining human expertise with robotic precision for enhanced decision-making.


Full Autonomy Experience

Independent Operation: In full autonomy mode, the robot autonomously makes decisions based on its environment and tasks, showcasing the pinnacle of our system's intelligence and self-sufficiency.

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